The need for our Church to become an enviable Christian brand among the Nigeria Christian Community and have a robust relationship with those in political positions in Nigeria has been accentuated by Barrister Famakinwa.

In a comment made on Celestial News Online, Famakinwa described how the Church and its members are missing the opportunities of writing their names in gold as the founder of the Church, Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa has his.

He listed the Church's internal crises, moral and financial laxity of elders among others as the bane of the Church's greatness.

“The CCC at this time is engaged in an internecine and fratricidal civil war. This has prevented us from being able to occupy our rightful place in CAN and Nigeria in general.

Since when have we commented on matters of national interest?

"There have been killings of Christians in the North. Destruction of, at least one, CCC Parish in the North. Our church has not taken a stand on these relevant matters. If care is not taken we shall become moribund in the thinking of those who are not members and who have great expectations of the Church." Famakinwa warned.

Famakinwa worried about the lack of spiritual guaidance which the Church does not give to the Nigerian nation.

"As a Spiritual Church we need to be able to give predictions for the year ahead. Give assurances to the nation that the Lord continues to be interested in the affairs of Nigerian and Nigerians.

"I recall the days when late Superior Evangelist S.O. Akande and Snr. Evangelist Mathew Olatosho Oschoffa would attend events held in Aso Rock. Why are we no longer invited?" he asked.

The legal practitioner proceeded to declare that there is still hope for the Church to find its footing.

"We are not looking after the flock of Christ. The Pastor Founder is the greatest thing that has happened to our Church. We do not want Saint SBJ Oschoffa to be last good thing in our Church.

"Our leaders must extricate themselves from every moral and financial laxity. It is not too late.” he declared.