S.O Odeyemi speaks on Irapada, Redemption Work and Spiritual Works
Professor S.O Odeyemi

The importance of spiritual works, in which ise irapada (redemption work is among) in the Church has been classified as necessary despite concerns about its usefulness in this modern era. Iradapa is a yoruba word which means redemption.

This was made known by Evangelist S.O Odeyemi at a 3 days retreat for youth of the Church, which was recently held at Oshoffa Miracle Fortress in Ifo, Ogun State. At the retreat, the Octogenarian said Celestians have the Holy Spirit as a guide which would always lead them away from trouble.

Do you know the meaning of El Beraca Bered Eli and why Celestial Church make use of it? 

The General Youth Coordinator while speaking on the topic, Celestial Church of Christ under the dictates of the Holy Spirit said his doctors expected him to have died multiple times, but God had been keeping him alive, because he listen to instructions telling him to go for ise irapada.

"It was confirmed that I have died more than 6 times. Prophet told me that I have to do irapada. If they ask you to do irapada do it.

 "Either you read the Bible of not. You must do it, if you are asked to do so. If not, you will just die," he warned.

The former Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos added that elders need to tell members of Church the truth.

"I do not know the time of my death, so I cannot lie to anyone". the Professor of Chemistry said.

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