Celestial Church preachers deliver good sermons
Clergies of Celestial Church

A new member who has been worshipping in the Redeem Christian Church of God for more than 32 years says he never knew that Celestial Church has good preachers.

He said he previously thought Celestial Church as a Church was more focused on all forms of spiritual works without regard to the word of God, not until he became a member of the Church some few months ago.

The member with the Facebook profile name Shady Poshy says, "I joined few months ago and my parish preaches about Salvation and other interesting topics.

"The preaching is excellent, I was amazed because I never knew they could preach like that. I had an opinion that all they do is ise (spiritual work), candle work, e.t.c. I was a Redeemer for 32 years, he wrote in a Facebook post."