Halleluyah!!!!!!!, still in the mood of the remembrance of His resurrection.

I welcome you all to the week edition of my sermon on Celestial Church Blog.

In one of my recent sermon, I strongly advised that with shouldn't just celebrate all these important programs as funfair.

Sincerely, brethren, we need to understand their concept and apply the lessons there in.

The text for the week sermon is Luke 24:36-43. The topic is "Practical Confirmation ". "While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, "peace be with you "Lk 24v36.

Jesus Christ decided to appear to his disciples for significant prove of his resurrection. The disciples were overshadowed with fear.

They took Jesus Christ for a ghost. Later on the account of joy and amazement, they still did not believe the presence of Christ in their midst.

It took Jesus much time and effort to convince his disciples of his resurrection. As reported by the other synoptic writers, Thomas became popular here when he told Jesus that he (Thomas) must insert his finger in the hole at the plam of Jesus in before believing any resurrection story.

Brethren, let's consider some points as lessons from the appearance of Jesus to his disciples after his resurrection.

1. He personally mentioned his resurrection to his disciplines before he was crucified, yet believing his resurrection was difficult for them. It means his disciples in our generation needs exra grace and efficient faith to believe such things.

2. As demonstrated by Jesus Christ in the scriptural reading, he will always make good effort at making people he his message. Even when they exhibit lack of faith.

3. Christ is a humble master and teacher. He did not overreact concerning the lack of faith showcased by his disciples.


Bro. Enigbokan Omosehin