Evangelist Tanpinu

In this interview, our lead publisher Anjuwon Oluwole spoke with Evangelist Tanpinu Noah, who is currently the shepherd of CCC Success Parish, Bauchi 2, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

CCB: Can you please introduce yourself?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Well I remain my humble self Tanpinu O Noah. My father is from Ajase of the Republic of Benin. While my mother is from Ipokia, Ogun State, Nigeria. I studied at the University of Ado Ekiti, now EKSU where I obtain my Bsc in Economic Management. I am a clergy in Celestial Church of Christ. I am the present shepherd of CCC Success Parish, Bauchi 2.

CCB: How did you move to Bauchi? Was it a spiritual revelation or circumstances made you move?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Very funny. Why will any circumstances brought me down here and neither a spiritual revelation or let me says my being here was a divine order. I was transferred here by the one and only authentic Pastor of CCC, Rev E.M.F Oshoffa to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to do the work of He that sent me and God has being so faithful to Him alone be his glory. Alleluia.

CCB: How did you feel when you got your letter of transfer to Bauchi State?

Evangelist Tanpinu: I felt so happy since it is God's work. He that sent you will always be with you and I've never for one day regretted my coming to Bauchi State.

CCB: Sir, are you saying you never had any doubt? We are talking about Bauchi not London.

Evangelist Tanpinu: Is Bauchi a desert? Even if it was, I gladly went. Like I told you earlier, if truly God called you, no matter where your are transferred to, He will always be with you. I will gladly tell you that I am more better than many sheperds in London or where do u call it? It is by His grace. If I said I am better it may not be by standard of living, but enjoying God's grace is more than enjoying worldly things.

CCB: What are the challenges you faced as a church in Bauchi which is a core northern state?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Hmmm. . . . challenges?! Can I call it a challenge? Just that when you go out with your garment, many eyes are on you, as if they have seen an angel. Most members of white garment churches here will come to church with their normal attire, and change to garment when they get to church. Let me add that it’s only two churches that dominate Bauchi State, the ECWA and COCIN.

CCB: Sir, you haven't stated what are the things that make working in Bauchi not too suitable?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Have I said working here is not suitable? No. Working here is okay and enjoyable so far you know your calling and know He that called you. His promise to us is in Phillipinans 4:19. An adage says in Yoruba that.. Ẹniti o ba sọ ẹran mọ́lẹ̀ ó ṣe tán àti fún ní oúnjẹ, (he who confines a goat to a place, must be ready to feed the goat), working here in not a bad thing and I've never for once regretted it.

CCB: What is the relationship of the church with the community where the church is situated? How do northern Muslims see the Church?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Actually the new location of the church is a Christian community. Where the church was located before was among the Muslims and from history I was told that the church has been burnt down twice due to religion crisis but to God be the glory where we are now is a Christian zone, therefore we all live in peace as one.

CCB: This means you are not the first shepherd of the parish?

Evangelist Tanpinu: I am not the first shepherd. This is a parish of 29 years.

CCB: Do you know what caused the parish to be burnt twice

Evangelist Tanpinu: It was due to a religious crisis.

CCB: Recently, you went to pick NYSC Corp members from their orientation camp. What prompted you to do so?

Evangelist Tanpinu: Well it is part of evangelism. I believe this is a system we must adopt in Celestial Church, as it will also reduce the rate of losing our Corp members to other churches, like Catholic, Redeem, Winners. These churches have hostels to accommodate their corps members and this will affect the church positively. I could remember last year when we went for mobilization, been for the first time, many were like so we have Celestians in this state? Most of our Corp members were so happy to see Celestial mobilization team in the camp, and we are able to mobilize as many as we can, though we don't have enough space to accommodate them, but to God be the glory we are able to rent an apartment for their accommodation, and they all know that Celestial Church do exist in Bauchi State.

CCB: How do they feel, seeing that you were available for them?

Evangelist Tanpinu: I have previously explained that they were all happy seeing Celestians in the camp for mobilization of the Church’s Corp members. Being the first time (that last year), it was so amazing even this very year too was superb when they saw us.

CCB: Finally, the Church isn't on a united front, what hope is there for the church to be fully united as one?

Q: Well as far as I am concern, nothing is wrong with the church, so far we still adopt same doctrine, such as our mode of worship, rules and tenets. Celestial Church is one. It is we Celestian that are divided and this is the work of the devil. The challenges our church is facing presently is a battle of light and darkness and it is for sure that darkness can not prevail over the light. Christ the owner of His church is alive. What we are facing today can happen to any other church. What I know is that Celestial church is one and very soon we shall get there