Cardinal Odunbaku, Prophet Ogundipe and Wasiu Ayinde
Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of Genesis Global has cleared the air of the news going around that he is leaving Celestial Church due to the event that transpired at the adult and thanksgiving service of his parish.

At the harvest of Genesis Global it was said that Cardinal Odunbaku had sat down on the seat of the spiritual head of the church while Fuji musician has performed during the harvest.

In clearing the air, Prophet Ogundipe declared as “false and not near truth” the news going around that he has pulled out from the fold as he did not at any time or in anyway make a statement that he was quitting Celestial Church.

In a statement shared by one Ayoola Peter Bolaji on Facebook, Ogundipe reaffirmed his “commitment to the church under the leadership of our Rev Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyan Oshoffa.”

On Cardinal Odunbaku, Ogundipe maintained that the Cardinal chose to sit on the seat while he was busy with other activities and it will amount to a huge level of disrespect and dishonor if he had asked the Cardinal to vacate his seat, considering the age and position of Cardinal Odunbaku in the Celestial Church.

In the statement he further explain why Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde was allowed to sing during the harvest.

“I need to first clarify that we didn’t invite Kwam1 as a guest artiste during our harvest as it has been spread in the media. I met Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde at a particular function recently and he promised to come to our harvest to celebrate with us because he believed so much in the grace of God over my life and that he really wants to be a part of the Genesis global family.

“He attended our program and he sang a number of praise songs to God in appreciation for the great things he is doing in Genesis global. It will amount to discrimination if I said no to him when he offered to join us to thank God during our harvest. He is just one of the numerous guests who came to show us love.

“I need to also emphasize that we did not pay a dime to him for attending our program. As much as possible, we are open to corrections but its important for me to let people understand the true picture of what transpired. Thank you for believing in me.” Prophet Ogundipe wrote.

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