Reverend SBJ Oshoffa

Unknown to many celestial member, the founder of this great church, S.B.J Oshoffa has the food and drink he loves best.

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This was made known by Mother-in-Celestial Edith Oshoffa, one of the daughters of Papa Oshoffa, in an interview granted to the Punch.

The MC said the following when she was asked if her father had any favourite food and what was his best drink:

“Yes, he enjoyed beans mixed with palm oil and garri. He loved to eat it with his hands. I always find it funny when people say members of CCC (Celestial Church of Christ) do not eat palm oil. When my father was in the hospital, he requested for beans mixed with palm oil and garri. It is part of the rules and tenets of the church that members should not put on shoes and not for any other reason.

“In the 70s and 80s, he had a love for a particular kind of malt drink. If he wanted to entertain a guest and he felt like offering him a good drink, he would say ‘Bring that malt drink’”

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