The late versatile teacher of the Bible, Doctor Omololu Oladosu, like many of his kinds, whom were brought up in Celestial Church, but were later inspired to set up ministries of their own within the Church, would always have the urge and desire to leave the Church and become an independent minister.

This was an area which bothered the visioner and founder of the Maranatha Pavilion Ministeries International in the 80's and 90's when the Maranatha Ministries was still young.

This was affirmed by Olumuyiwa Oladosu, the elder brother of the Omololu Oladosu in a tribute he wrote in eulogising the life of his younger brother.

Olumuyiwa confirmed that his younger sibling was close to leaving the Church, due the difficulties he faced in regards to the ministration of the undiluted Word of God in the Church.

"After some time, he told me of all the troubles and challenges of ministering the gospel in the Celestial Church of Christ.

"In the 1980s and 1990s, the CCC did not value the ministration of the undiluted Word of God.

"He incorporated the Maranatha Pavilion Ministeries International preparatory to his leaving the church."

Olumuyiwa however made it known that the late Omololu decided not to leave the Church because of what God told him about his role in Celestial Church of Christ.

"I had by then left CCC and joined RCCG. One day, he (Oladosu) told me he was not going to leave again - that God specifically told him that his portion is with the church (I.e. CCC) and he has to labour there.

"This was later attested to by our dad (who at that time had embraced the gospel, and started a "gospel Parish). He remained a Missionary to CCC until his transition." Olumuyiwa declared.

Similarly, Brother Demola Abolaji, the leader of Greater Tomorrow Group, a Youth group in the Church has described the late Omololu Oladosu as an individual who taught the Bible confidently from the theological viewpoint but also respected​ the Church doctrines and tenets.