The old logo

The uproar generated by the poorly designed 70th anniversary logo of our Church keeps receiving various reviews with a large member of the Church calling for something better.

Feelers from comments seen on the Social Media collaborated with our believe that the logo unveiled on the 31st of March does not speak well of our Church.

While describing the logo, Celebrities On Point said, that logo wasn't vetted before it was unveiled.

"Please the church is well recognize worldwide and things like this should be thrown out for better branding not just business centre ideas I beg."
Ranmilowo opined that the design of the logo is way too poor.

"Celestians should call for the redesigning of this logo as this does not pass a message of peace and unification of the church.

"It also looks awful, this great church has gone beyond this kind of design for its 70th anniversary Logo." Ranmilowo complained.

"Very poor. A big shame indeed. Those who produced this logo should bury their heads in shame." - Kayode Ajala

Temidayo Taiwo-Sidiq said as member of the Church, he was disappointed when he saw the logo, stating that logo lay more emphasis on the past rather then the future.

However, 3 logos of the anniversary which were made by Celestians were send to us, so as to reach out to the anniversary committee to lay the old logo to rest and select a new one or call on members of public to design a better one.

See them below