The main reason behind the trouble and difficulties Christians in Nigeria are facing has been attributed to the lack of unity among members of the body of Christ in the nation.

This assertion was made known by Liz Angel Gold in statement posted on her Facebook page.

She observed that the differences among Christians was created because of the believe that a denomination is better than another.

"We lack unity among ourselves. We created the difference in Christianity. We separate a church from another. We believe one church isn't strong enough.

"This brings disunity. How can a Redeem member be asking a Celestial Church member if he is a Christian?

"When both are calling God and both read the Bible." she declared.

While decrying how biasness and selfish interest had become a norm within the Christian fold in the nation, she stated that some Christians won't relate well with fellow Christians due to differences in mode of worship, as this is not common with faithfuls of other religions.

"It looks somehow. And that's it. Same at the place of work. Our fellow Christian will not help because of the church you attend and because of the mode of Worship.

"The moment they realize you are practicing that religion with them, you are one, they accept you regardless of your tribe, or the group you belong to.

"And that's why you go to some organization and you see them everywhere in the department even if they are not worth the position, they will be there simply because they have helped themselves as brothers.

"The love may not be there inside them but that religion has bind them to help."

Liz advised that Nigerian Christians can overcome these challenges by supporting each other despite the disparities in their mode of worship.

"All we need is love and we should stand to support each others be it C&S or a living Faith members. Be it Deeper life or Redeem.

"Christ has bind us together and the only manual book (The Bible) has made us one. Don't separate your church from another, the unity should start from us."