We all know that our Church is 70 year old in 2017 and we are all glad about it.

However, the logo for the platinum anniversary which was unveiled on Friday, 31st April is totally​ not presentable and does not represent the prestigious brand and the future aspirations of the Church as a Christian Organisation.

The logo which looks​ more like the map of a Nigerian State, has the picture of Christ at the top, the founder of the Church, Reverend SBJ Oshoffa and three others at the right side, while only Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa was at the left side of the logo.

The logo which was poorly designed, emphasised​ respect for the persons whom have led the Church from it inception. With this singular act, its erased the sincere desire for the unification of the Church. It would had been better if no one had been in the logo.

Also, the logo put the Church in a very bad light, as the standard of the design depicted that a shabby job was done by someone or group of people who are not experienced enough to handle such a big project.

We know that the Church have experts in graphic designing and branding that would have done a great work in giving the Church a better logo.

This anniversary logo is supposed to pass messages of what the Church had achieve in the past, the expectation and aspiration for the future, but rather it has dwell more on the absence of love, lack of unity and our deficiency in Church administration.

As a group who is passionate about the Church and we call on all Celestians who have great love for the Church, not those who are fanatical about the Church leaders, to reject this logo and demand that another logo be made in replacement.

Celestial Church of Christ deserves a better logo.