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Picture of Oshoffa with his legs showing

Often, there are insinuations by non members in regards to the reasons why members of Celestial Church of Christ do not put on footwears whenever they are wearing their flowing white gowns, known as sutana.

Keep reading to see a clearer picture of Oshoffa's leg below.

These insinuations gave birth to various form of curiosities, among which is, that the founding pastor of the church, Reverend Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa do not have any shoe size, because he has very large feet.

The thought of ascertaining how true this insinuation is, was the reason which made the Patron of Celestial Church of God (CCC) Oko-Oba Parish 111 Lagos, Venerable Most Senior Evangelist Gabriel Ojediran to ask Oshoffa while he was alive, if that was the reason he doesn't put on shoes and made members of the church to do the same.

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Reverend S.B.J Oshoffa

 In an interview, Ojediran said Oshoffa do not wear shoes because it was spiritual mandated for him to do so, saying "It was not because he had 'shoeless' legs. I once asked him that question when I had that opportunity to meet him during his life times and Papa told me with good illustration of his leg to show us that he has legs fit for shoes.

“That day I was able to touch and felt his leg and he told us that day that we should let the world know about the truth he had said about his legs.”


However before his death, Reverend Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa explained in an interview that from inception Celestial Church wear shoes and do not wear white garment. He narrated who and what led the Church to become a white garment Church and how he felt when was told not to wear shoes while on Sutana. Check here to read more about Oshoffa's interview on why he stopped wearing shoes.

 Why Celestial Church Members Do Not Wear Footwear While On Garment.

Oshoffa's leg, size of oshoffa's leg, how big is oshoffa's leg
Clearer picture of Oshoffa's leg
A good look at the two pictures in this article, shows that it is false that Oshoffa has very large feet which made him have no shoe size. A careful analysis of the two pictures shows that the size of Oshoffa's feet is between 9 to 11 for US standard shoe size or 43 to 45 for that of the European Union. Therefore the assertion that Oshoffa has no shoe size is wrong.