8 things choir members can do to serve well in the choir

The choir is an integral part of the church and for members of the choir to serve the need of the church effectively, they need to do the following eight (8) tasks as seen in an article by Ibukunoluwa Adeniyi.

Attend Rehearsals

A chorister must be diligent in attending rehearsals and shouldn't intentionally miss it because it's a place where you gain expertise by learning new songs, mastering old ones and improving yourself.

Personal Rehearsals

When you are not in choir practice, hold personal rehearsals as this will help you improve more on yourself and also put things taught during rehearsals into practice.

Mic Handling

A good chorister should learn how to handle the mic properly. Do not hold microphones on it's cum or close to the mic cord or put the mic very close to the your mouth as if you want to swallow it. (Some sisters even stain the mic with their lipstick while singing). You should also learn to put off the mic whenever you are not using it to avoid mic noise.

Using your hymn book

Always make use of your hymn book during hymns rendition, do not claim "I know the song very well" or you have the songs in the hymn book installed in your brain. You might make mistakes or miss some lines in the song which might automatically spoil everything.

Always be proactive in opening your hymn book before rendition of hymns to avoid confusion or not participating in the hymn rendition because you are busy searching for the hymn number.

Eye Contact/concentration

Always keep eye contact with the person conducting hymns or leading a song and also with your fellow singers so as to be aware of any changes but that shouldn't stop you from singing or reading from your hymn book or be carried away.

Don't be idle in the barricade

I have come to realized that if some choristers are not with microphone they won't sing, they won't dance , some will just stand like electric pole and be looking like lucozade.
If you are not with mic, make sure you are dancing or look for any little instrument to play, get yourself busy. Don't be idle.
Do not complain

When you are asked to sing do not complain or give flimsy excuses, that's a sign of pride. Some keep complaining that their voice is doing somehow every time. If you know you'd complain when asked to sing, it is better you stay in the congregation.

Respect Visitors

I have noticed this severally that most choristers are not always happy when they see a new member or a visitor in their midst, that's when you see some frowning or hold their mic tightly, even when the choir master ask them to give the mic to the person they change their countenance (it's common among ladies).

You do not know where and when you meet yourself tomorrow and that same attitude will be shown to you. Choristers should learn to do the needful above and more and change from the negative aspect to make yourself better and God happy with you as you are doing the right thing.