Visioner of the Pulpit Summit, Evangelist Oloyede Raphael has advocated for better sermons from preachers in the church. He warned that if the quality of sermons in the church is not improved upon, the church will keep losing members to other denominations.

Oloyede revealed this while delivering a lecture at the 2019 Annual Bible Quiz Competition of Area H Youth Organization, Lagos State. He described participants of Bible Quiz Competitions as future leaders whose knowledge of the Bible from early age will make them become exceptional at preaching the gospel when they grow up.

He opined that the church should make it mandatory for sermoners to adequately prepare for sermons, as it is mandatory for service conductors to keep themselves holy at least for 3 days before conducting service on Sundays.

Oloyede lamented that a large number of members are not interested in sermons due to the poor quality of sermons. He said the church cannot afford to allow this to continue. “We must do something to stop the mediocrity on our pulpit. If we do not, “we cannot complain when members are leaving the church.” he advised.

He implored preachers to adequately prepare and make research before mounting the pulpit, as poor sermons have caused many members to be spiritual injured, thereby raising members God will not be proud of.