A church is to be conscious of the return of Christ, rather than becoming too ceremonious, says Oni Ibukun Samuel in an article by the publisher of meetccc.com.

In the article, Samuel opined that ceremonies have made members of the church refuse to acknowledge that sin have found its way into the church as a result of various types of celebrations in the church.

“Ceremony has blinded the eyes of the elders from seeing sin/ ungodliness in the church of God. Ceremonies like anniversaries are on rampage in church today, while sin and disobedience still prevail! Heaven is not happy.” he warned.

He added that “Jesus said, ‘angels rejoiced in heaven for a sinner that repent’ (Luk.15:10), but today in CCC, you would hear 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th anniversary/harvest, the people will make fun and merry, they will dance and sing like masquerades! But it is lamentable that no single soul won to Christ.”

Furthermore, he stated the Christians are free to rejoice and celebrate, but they must do with “trembling, serve the Lord in fear, worship Him in the beauty of His holiness.”