Among the series of discussions held at the just concluded Christmas Convocation at Imeko, the segment alloted to women was centred on unity among women and in the Church.

All of the three Mothers in Celestial, Olatunde, Osinbajo and Osinbeluwo who were discussants at the segment agreed that there is the need for every member of the Church irrespective of their status to be sincere in ensuring that the Church is truly united.

Pride, envy, inferiority complex, lack of love and working for earthly gains were cited by MC Osinbajo as the factors mitigating against a united Celestial Church. She queried that if truly members are working for God, they do not need to fight each other.

MC Olatunde warned that the continuous division among members will serve as hinderance to prayers, thus leading to lack of progress. She opined further that celestians are living in denial that all is well, when they truly know that all is not well, as the spirit of God do not dwell where there is no unity. Olatunde advised that for peace to completely reign in the Church, members must understand that they are from different backgrounds and orientations, thus justice must always reign supreme.