Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa

Disobedience to the authority of Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa has resulted to the names of prominent Church members to be removed from the list of the Pastor-in-Council.

The Council generally make decisions and help to stir the direction of the Church affairs as defined in Article 156 of the Church’s constitution.

In the list of the newly reconstituted Pastor-in-Council released on the eve of the new year 2021, the names of Assistant Superior Evangelist K. S. Adeyinka and the major executive members of the Women Council for conspicuously disobeying the directives of the Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa.

Some months ago, Assistant Superior Evangelist K. S. Adeyinka was demoted from an exalted Evangelist position for refusing to leave his place of assignment in Calvary Parish 1, Lagos to Kaduna Parish 1, in Northern Nigeria. The newly reconstituted council has more than 120  prominent members on the list.