We recognized the vacuum created by the lack of PR for the Church and the need for a platform which will serve the purpose of publishing and providing updates about events in Celestial Church of Christ (Parishes,Youths Organizations and Many More) as a result, promoting positive image for the Church. Our desire is seeing Celestial Church becoming a great Christian brand.

Celestial Church Blog is non-partisan. This is because, we believe that supporting anyone as the Spiritual Head of the Church during this period is tantamount to we contributing further to the division within the Church. We respect all the claimants of the Pastoral seat, and dearly look forward to the day the Church will have only one Spiritual Head.

As a Christian based online media platform, we believe that everything we do has to be independent, free from bias and executed with the utmost integrity.

Due to this, you could trust us to be objective in our reportage of events. Also we will always accommodate and respect the views of all Celestial Church members, regardless of the side they support.

Conclusively, our utmost interest is in promoting the gospel.