A parish of the church which refused to adhere to instructions of the government and that of higher church authority on the need to avoid the gathering of large crowd in order to curtail the spread of the novel Corona Virus, had a naming ceremony conducted in its premises stopped by the Task Force set up by the Ondo state government, the Nation Newspaper reports.

The parish located at Ijapo Estate, Akure in Ondo State was conducting a naming ceremony when the State Task Force on COVID-19 arrived to stop the event. According to the Nation, on sighting the Task Force the Shepherd of the parish took to his heels, leaving parishioners and guests behind.

Dr. Doyin Odebowale who led the Task Force in monitoring the compliance of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s directives banning large gathering and closure of shops selling non-essential commodities assured the parishioners and guests that his team had only come to ensure compliance with the government directives and would not be arresting anyone.

After addressing those at the parish on the need to adhere strictly to the government directives, Dr. Odebowale instructed everyone to go home.