An edition of Luli Concert

The organisers of one of the biggest christian music concert in Nigeria, Luli Concert has revealed that the fifth edition of the concert will no longer be held, as a result of insecurity.

In a statement, published on Facebook, the organisers mentioned that it places high value on the safety of its audiences, hence it is imperative that the concert will be postponed as a result of the developments in the country.

The statement reads:


“Further to our earlier communication with respect to Luli Concert 5.0, we would like to inform you that The Concert will no longer hold this year as a result of the recent developments in the country.

“We had postponed our signature live concert to accommodate these developments but the conditions warrant that we always put the safety and comfort of our audience into consideration at all times.

“While apologising, we would like to prepare your minds for an amazing concert already being planned for next year. 

“We will be coming up with a build up plan to keep you informed of our plans for next year. In the intervening period should you have other suggestions please communicate with us directly on our various platforms.

“Kind regards.”