Meal served during harvest


During harvest anniversary season in the Church, there is often a warning that food prepared for the occasion are not to be taken home.

However, a member says such warning are instrument of fear and do not necessarily means that those who take the food home will be cursed.

Adegoke Taiwo Adekunle revealed this while responding to a statement by a female member, Juli Bless who argued that, "but one shepherd preached in one harvest yesterday saying that even if you take the smallest thing which is magi (seasoning) that the person will use money to buy paracetamol at last....he said because someone cannot carry back a sacrifice that he or she has made."

However, Adekunle asserted that likening harvest food to offering sacrifice is wrong, as eating from it whether within or outside the premises of the Church will also be wrong.

Adegoke Taiwo explained that the idea of saying members of the Church can't take harvest meal because they are taking back what was given as 'sacrifice' is wrong, as he argued that since it is not wrong to eat harvest meal, then it is not wrong to take it home.

"I love the way the man created fear in the heart of people, it means they must not taste from the food cooked for the harvest, anything that makes you eat from the food cooked for the harvest permits you to take anything given to you at the harvest," he explained.

Futhermore, he mentioned that the consent of the Shepherd is needed before harvest meal are taking home but noted that there is no form of curse upon those who take harvest meal to their houses.