As faithfuls of the Church's largest faction in Nigeria look forward to the annual Christmas convocation and convention of the Church at Imeko, a spiritual message says an impending chaos may take place that could be embarrash the Church.

"Today the Holy spirit revealed a scary message to me I saw a very big fight at Imeko during the upcoming CCC program Imeko 2021," the beginning of the spiritual message reads.

Prophet Alfred Haastrup continued by saying, " I saw one young man who was furiously angry with what some celestial bloggers wrote about him consistently and no one stopped this group who are ignorantly in defense of Rev EMF Oshoffa.

"I saw this vividly in my vision that this angry man met one of these bloggers and ills writers who is a woman who wrote unprintable things about him on social media consistently she with her unholy groups this man angrily slapped that woman blogger and fisticuffs began.

"As the fight continues later l saw some group of people who came not to separate the fight but in support of the woman thinking destroying others image and hard earned reputations because of a church supposed leader is good both males and females now jumped on the angried man this mob hitted the man's head on a parked blue car severally and the man was killed by the mob and the fight now became a free for all when the sympathisers of the man that was unfortunately killed vowed to kill the lady too in revenge were seen rampaging in imeko angrily.

"What I saw next after the fight was that the Nigerian government closed down CCC in Imeko till further notice and many arrest was made by the security guards and agencies in Imeko this year.

"Before God who called me l appeals please please and please  Rev EMF oshoffa should appeal to his supporters to stop destroying others and try to openly begged those people his supporters are spoiling their names on social media, etc.

" l am afraid may God forbids any mishap throughout the convocation ceremony in Imeko. Amen. I am begging those who might have been talked of or badly hitted with fake news concerning them not to go to Imeko during the convocation at all for the sake of Jehovah or better still Rev EMF oshoffa should do the needful by calling his foot sodiers to order and apologize to the people who are not pleased in the ways things are going in his administration."