Musicians in Celestial Church

Would you describe musicians based in the Church as entertainers or gospel artistes? 

The former was the answer chosen by the trio of Akinboboye Joshua, Samuel Williams and Kayode Edun, while contributing to a discussion regarding music in the Church on Facebook. The trio described musicians who are celestians as entertainers because of the pattern of music they perform.

Reacting to the conversation, Kayode Edun said, gospel musicians have been replaced by musicians who sing juju, fuji and other genres of music. 

"There are few choristers in CCC now. They have been replaced with band men from Juju, Fuji and Owambe, hip hop with gangan (talking drum) blowing the Holy Spirit from members souls, replacing it with mad dance patterns....even amongst our Sunday School Children, he argued.

"CCC has very few gospel musicians," says Akinboboye Joshua. Stating that "a lot of (y)our musicians are not Evangelists or gospel musicians, they are mere entertainers."

Samuel Williams agrees with the duo of Akinboboye and Kayode. He revealed that "one of the big problem, but when this so called non gospel musicians go to other churches they sing reasonably unlike what they do in CCC."

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