Where Oshoffa was buried
Celestial faithfuls at Imeko

The wonder of God's presence at Imeko came to life in the mind of a non-celestian during this year's Christmas Convocation.

The non-celestian has accompanied his friend to Imeko with the agreement that he will be going with his normal mufti and on getting to Imeko . . . Below is the narration of Emmanuel Olabamiji, a member who took his friend to Imeko;

"A friend of mine from another denomination, I don't want to mention name pls, I invited him we came together in his normal clothes when he got to Imeko convocation with me, I told him to come with me to where Papa was buried, when he got there, he saw the large number of people praying, he dragged me outside the premises, he said please kindly give me the previous garment you put on when we were coming.

I said for what? He said nothing, so I followed him to where we parked the car, I gave him the garment so dirty due to the dust and everything, as we were coming back he bought some things to pray with, he went to Mercy land, got himself a space then later he went to where Papa was buried and he prayed like never before.

On our way back yesterday, I asked him why he decided to do that, he said he saw Imeko as a place of liberty for the captive because he couldn't imagine how large crowds will be praying without anyone directing them how to pray or telling them prayer points.