Reverend Gabriel Beni Omoge
Rev. Gabriel Beni Omoge

The supporters of Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa, leader of the largest faction in the Church has gotten a response from the supporters of Reverend Gabriel Beni Omoge based on the mockery of the attendance at the Christmas Convocation at Eleko.

While Omoge's faction makes use of the Eleko as its Convocation ground, the Emmanuel faction makes use of Imeko.

In responding to the mockery from Ketu's faction, John Ewumi maintained that the faction of the Nigeria diocese under the leadership of Omoge are not interested in competing with Ketu, as the attendance at Eleko is downplayed by Ketu's supporters.

"May God bless our pastor n d entire CCC, for those saying rubbish, if u are there life u will neva talk rubbish, who is doing competition, wait n see," John Ewumi wrote on Facebook.

Another supporter of the Nigerian diocese Anu Ola noted argued that salvation from God is not about attendance, and members should be free to make their choices.

"Let people make their choices. Your Imeko that you have divided into 3. Your elders cursing each other on the pulpit, you think salvation is where crowd is? Be deceiving yourself," Ola wrote.

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