Revival during Sunday services in Celestial Church of Christ
An ongoing Church service

As the discussion over the observation of revival programme during Sunday service is ever unending, proponents of the idea has listed reasons why revival during Sunday service is not a flagrant abuse of the Church's doctrine, as promoted by those against the idea.

These reasons ranged from how change is constant to how prayer is helpful and how the founder of the Church Reverend SBJ Oshoffa, would have introduced some changes in the Church's doctrines and tenets if he was still alive.

A member, Johnson Adegoke mentioned that "There should be room for little adjustment in the services. We cannot continue with past forever, as the only constant thing is in life is change."


Jasper Adigwe believed that "Revivals during service is helpful...because most celestial members are weak in praying, they depend much on the shepherds for prayers. During the revival, you make those that weak pray for themselves and many members enjoyed the short revival during service. That's my observation.

Oyero Oluseyi reasoned that there is no static church in the world, only change can not change, amendment will continue for various reasons whether you like it or not.

"Nothing can be done without fasting and prayers," says Ajibade Adekunle. Furthermore, he added, that "revival during service isn't a bad opinion, rather it uplifts the church and increase spiritual standard provided it's done the right manners. The world needs prayers and nothing more.


In his opinion, Richard Joseph argued that "If the founder is to be alive he would welcome it. The world is dynamic, so also the church. There is nothing bad in incorporating revivals into our services. It is a platform where we can communicate with GOD more effectively. It is fervent prayers. It should be embraced by all.

While supporting Richard Joseph's statement, Oyero Oluseyi declared that "I have said it over and over that we are in a dynamic world, whether we like it or not, changes will continue to occur due to innovations, necessity, inspiration and attempt to be dynamic, a static mode in the name of ilana is not possible except we want to go back to 1947, even if Papa is alive today new things will have emerged from him.